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New York Fashion Week (Final Days)

My Day 5 of NYFW has to been one of the most eventful, with a total of 3 around Manhattan--it would have been 5-6 if not for the rain, which was a pain in my ass all week, but its weather, can't do anything about it. Luckily that did not deter the creative spirits of those I did shoot with! Shoot #1 with designs by Clavon Leonard was pretty interesting, seeing as it was the first time I was kicked out of anywhere in NY (Props to the security officer that wasn't a total asshole about us shooting in Bryant Park). This was my second shoot ever involving two male models. Both @harschin and @itstitooo were absolutely phenomenal to work with.

With a quick 20min walk, lugging nearly 100lbs of camera gear and lights, my second shoot was the second part with @miles_models! This shoot was probably the production highlight of my day. The gowns that I had to shoot were absolutely incredible

This is just one of 3 dresses I was able to photograph, and probably my favorite. The yellow really stood out against the muted colors of Manhattan.

I happen to have a quick break after that shoot, before my next, which was much more simplistic. I decided to take my publicists advice and shoot normal people as if they were models, so I linked with with a young college student by the name of Emmie Boston as we decided to shoot in Grand Central Station, which I though I would honestly be kicked out of, but i wasn't... surprisingly.

The light was the biggest challenge with this. It isn't shown well in the video, but the different in the source light to the background light was staggering! Almost day and night, but a challenging experience, one I always welcome!

The night finished with a lovely dinner with the ladies from Miles Models and my assistant @victoriakuang at a local pub around the corner from The Manhattan NY Hotel. Needless to say, getting back to Charlotte has been less than ideal due to the Hurricane Florence, but there was a flips side, I got to stay in NY for a little while longer and spend some quality time with friends that didn't involve work, so I'm not complaining.

Thanks for joining me for the last week. Please stay tuned to more blog posts!

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