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New York Fashion Week (Day 1)

Even though I flew in a couple days ago, things really didn't get going for me until yesterday. Got to check-out the new collection release for Clavon Leonard ( at The Flats NYC on 24th st, as well as film and network at the Art Hearts showcase.

Credit: @victoriakuang

Being only the second time I have seen Clavon's work, it has astonished me, the versatility in designs and patters are incredible. Not only in men's fashion, but women's as well. As an aspiring designer, it gives me even more confidence that I can do this!

The Art Hearts show was nothing less than spectacular! The variety of designers from not only ethnicity but AGE! One designer was only 12, and had some of the best designs I had ever seen! And as always, the networking was incredible. I was able to meet up with several designers, models, and artists from all walks of life and connect with them to build lasting relationships.

Credit: @victoriakuang

I really should thank Level21 Magazine & The Fashion Excursion for bringing me on staff for Fashion Week. Every time I come, I love it. The people, the art, the energy, its always amazing.

Credit: @victoriakuang
Art Hearts Venue

Video coming soon!

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