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My New Brush Kits

I've been on my journey of understanding beauty photography for a while now. With the help of several makeup artists critiquing my work and giving me ideas to make it better, I am becoming closer and closer to my goal. With that being said, I have just released my first set of glamour brushes for Photoshop!


I spent weeks, curating and detailing the brushes for all your beauty photography and retouching needs. They cover not only the pupils, but eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Soon I will be release lips, hair, glitter, skin texture, color pallets and gradients, and other renditions of the current brush kits.

If you have any suggestions, need clarification, or there are things your would like to learn, please, do not hesitate to comment on the video and let me know! I am always open for new ideas!


Now if your like me and also use lightroom, be sure to also check out my preset bundles as well, which can be found in the same link above! You actually get one free if you subscribe to my website.

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