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🔴 Retouch and Chill: ep IV

When I tell you I love my model babies, I really do! One of them brought me food!! And when I tell you that food was 11/ was just glorious!

I did this episode a little different. Instead of one photo, I did a couple of photos and finalized a flyer for an event we were having for Cinco de Mayo. Took a little longer than usual with the interruptions, but that's the beauty about being live, everything is raw and free, like I like it. This ep was definitely a challenge though. I edited a photo from 2016 and my lighting composition back then, was absolutely trash. I got some decent images, but I had no where the knowledge of lighting, nor the gear, that I have now.


My talent for this episode was Haley Medlin. She was an absolute doll to work with, but outside of that there really isn't much to say about her. Right after we did this shoot, her social media presence vanished, mainly because of her Greek pledging for college. I assume now she's leading a fulfilling life on a track that doesn't involve modeling, at least her in NC.

Why I decided to do this photo? I don't know. I knew it would cause me some level of grief, but I didn't care. Maybe I'm a bit of a masochist. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Check out this lovely before and after of the photos.


If you like what you saw, please check out my array of customizable services ranging from head shots to full branding productions. Here is just one of those amazing services.

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