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  • Power of

    Camera Raw

    Camera Raw is a powerful tool, something I use on a consistent basis to create a great base image to work from. Learn how to use it here!

  • Mastering Curves

    Understanding curves are an essential part of any editor's arsenal, this is a deep breakdown of the curves system.

  • How To Use The Pen Tool

    If your compositing, the Pen Tool is an absolute necessity, here I go through the motions and teach how the pen tool works!

  • Basic Skin Editing With The Patch Tool

    Skin editing is essential for any photographer or retoucher who deals with people. We All know, not everyone's skin is perfect, even with makeup. Here I got through a breakdown of how I edit skin using only the patch tool.

  • Changing Any Color To Any Color

    Sometimes Colors just arent what you want on your subject. here I teach how to change the color of selected items.

  • How To Change Background Color

    Sometimes Colors just arent what you want on your subject. here I teach how to change the color of selected solid backgrounds, giving the subject the feel you want.

  • Easy Steps to PS Color Grading

    Color Grading is essential to any photographer/retouchers arsinal. Color grading gives a myriad of feelings to images, changing tones and reactions to images.

  • Easy Steps to Quality Instagram Photos/Layouts (2 Videos)

    Understanding compression and how to work with it is a must know, especially if you're creating for social media.

  • How to Really Make Your Photos POP!

    Everyone has a style, a way of doing things. But sometimes we can get caught in rhythm and all of our stuff starts to look the same. Here I will show you several ways to break up that monotony.

  • VHS/90s Photoshop Glitch Effect (2 Videos)

    I honestly love glitches, especially in video works. But using them in photos is an absolute treat! I'm putting a couple videos together to show how I do mine, here is Part 1 & 2

  • Vintage Technicolor Look

    Take a look at this Retro Techinicolor color grade! My first photoshop technique of 2020! The new year is coming, why not start with something retro?

  • Professional Metalic Look

    Metallic skin looks is always something that I have wanted to do, but never had the means to get a professional bodypainter to come in and work with. Now I can create that look at will, an I am super excited to share it!

  • How To Resize Images Without Losing Quality

    When dealing with graphic design, resizing images can always be a hit or miss, especially when dealing with .jpg files--some of which may not always be yours. Check out how I deal with it.

  • Turn White to Any Color Even BLACK!

    Coming Soon

  • Glowing Effect in Photoshop

    Coming Soon

  • New Object Selection Tool!

    Coming Soon

  • Split Warp Tutorial in Photoshop 2020

    Coming Soon

  • Easy Select Subjection in Photoshop 2020

    Coming Soon

  • Select and Mask - How To

    Coming Soon

  • Easy Hair Cut Outs in Photoshop

    Coming Soon

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