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🔴Retouch and Chill: Ep III

Ohhhh weeee. What can I say, I really have failed to keep up with the blogging on my website. Definitely something I really to keep up with. Well here is the skippy on episode 3!

Doing the live stream route was actually quite fun. It's raw, no editing, and all my mistakes can be seen in real time. So when I say, I needed to be on my P's and Q's, there is no cap there at all!!


The model in this video is Diyasha Jones, a old friend of mine who is currently a proud wife and mom who focuses her brand on holistic and vegan living. The photo used in the video was take a few years ago, prior to her mommy swag.

I decided to do this photo because she was such an amazing model and i was itching to do something with natural hair. I remembered we had did this shoot for Ross Mambo, way back when, and managed to find it, buried in my archives. Not quite the framing I would use now, but the composition was still absolutely amazing and the make-up was perfect! Check out this Before and After!

If you like what you saw, please check out my array of customizable services ranging from head shots to full branding productions. Here is just one of those amazing services.

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