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New York Fashion Week (Day 3 & 4)

Talk about Yin and Yang! My third day here at NYFW wasn't much but transferring footage and drinking with colleagues, a much needed break as carry 80lbs of camera gear around Manhattan can get quick tiresome....and painful. Needless to day, day 4 was anything but relaxing. After waking up from a night of alcoholic indulgence at the London NYC, it was right back to work. A quick breakfast, some chat time, then off to the races! Thanks to the help from Level 21 Magazine, we were gained VIP access to the Tumblr Tipsy show by designer Michael Kaulua. Needless to say, shows like this is why I come to NYFW. For someone just getting into the game of designing, watching that show was inspirational to me. Not just the outfits, but the turn out, people from all types of backgrounds showed up in respect and awe to attend this man's show. It was beautiful! Not to mention, a networking gold mine!

What was crazy was right after that show, we had to head strait to Times Square for a photoshoot with 3 of the beautiful ladies from Miles Models. Miles Models, is an agency we spontaneously worked with last year and came out with some spectacular photos, needless to say, we had to do it again.

Video Produced in 2017 - SS2018 NYFW

This time, setting up a two day shoot! Luckily @bevkolo was there to capture the first half, getting some awesome BTS photos for us. The Second half, to be shot in Chinatown, involves some amazing, flowing gowns that I cant wait to photograph and film. Reasons like this is why I love to do what I do. I can create freely, and make people happy with my work--getting paid is a plus too XD.

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