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New York Fashion Week (Day 2)

Talk about a painful day! Walking around Manhattan with 80lbs of camera gear on your back is quite the workout, but totally worth it! Started off the day with an amazing photo shoot with Lindsey Kuehl, a model I met during the Art Hearts showcase who modeled for Rutu. It was quite interesting seeing how it decided to rain on us while we were looking for a place to shoot. So we ended up shooting inside a Pizza parlor and in the subway...its NYC so why not? They are two "must haves" in the traveling models portfolio when they hit NYC, well that and the Brooklyn Bridge. (Which now that I think about it....i must do)

Photo Cred: @bevakolo


Later that day, after parting with Lindsey, we ended up getting lunch at a place called Eataly for some good ol' wine, cheese, deli meat, and beautiful Italian food before heading to the Stevie Boi showcase. Now, I'll tell you this... Stevie Boi... that man can put on a fashion show! I have yet to see a Stevie Boi showcase where I am not impressed. Everything for the ambiance of the venue to the energy of the people was immaculate!

Photo Cred: @bevakolo


I swear, with everything that was going on, its always good to have people who have your back. Beverly and Victoria were right on point the whole time! No way I could have covered so much by myself, especially when I was limited ONLY to the pressbox. Having them with me as extra cameras and assistants was an amazing thing! I didn't really feel the pressure to capture as much information as I normally would, I was actually able to focus on one single thing and leave everything else in the hands of these two.

Stay tuned to @level21mag for full, public media release on social media. Ill be showing clips from the shows on next week's vlogging episode of The Archive.

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