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Breaking in the New Decade

There is a lot to be said about the last decade, from the volatile US political climate, to some of the hottest sneaker and street wear drops of the last 40 Years, from musical icons, such as

Kanye West, Rhianna, and Pharrel, creating global shifts in Fashion and Beaut, to Tokyo becoming the mecca of Fashion as we know it--especially with the opening of their new mall in Harajuku called "Parco". --->

Social media has undoubtabley taken its place as one of the best form of marketing and social influence as brands such as BANG Energy and Fashion Nova utilized these platforms to increase notoriety alarming scales, spearheading trends that changed the way we think of marketing, forever. We saw icons like Vergil Ablo, a designer from the streets of Chicago, rise to stardom with his brand Off-White and soon becoming the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. We saw racial sigmas and boundaries being broken globally. For the first time in US history we had a Black President and in 2019 Miss Teen America, Miss USA, and Miss America, were all African American, not to mention, Miss Universe is of African decent. Naomi Osaka (An african-Japanese Tennis player) takes the global stage, putting Japan's tolerance to racial diversity on the map. We saw the demise of A Bathing Ape right along with the rise and fall of Supreme and the hypebeast trends, while relishing in the come-up of brands such as Cav Empt, Neighborhood, Fear of God, Human Made, and many more. We experienced the slow death of fast fashion, created by brands Uniqlo and Fashion Nova, due to the resell culture.

Gaming culture has had quite the spiral as well, with major publishers such as EA, Bethesda, and Activision, doing everything they can to squeeze every possible penny out of their fan bases with loot boxes, game passes, and other shady, over-monitization tactics. Using them on unfinished games, or making the grind in games so difficult you would want to buy in just to make it easier. Needless to say, this last decade has been quite the roller coaster.

I, myself, started really using my Youtube platform to put out content, mainly tutorials and how-to guides, deep dove into how the algorithms work for Instagram, Youtube, and Google, even so far as to start Google's analytics certification course. Looking back I feel like my skills have gone from ZERO to HERO, as I was not afraid to take tutorials and other classes to improve my skills, learning from people like Josh Rossi, Pepper Yandell, Anthony Ross Tyler, Annie Leibovitz, and Werner Herzog. I was able to go to NY Fashion Week, Latino Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week, and meet some really amazing people.


But whats in for the new decade? Lots! 2010 - 2019 was just the learning process, the sewing of seeds, and its now time to start reaping the harvest. The Youtube channel is growing and ill continue to push it, expanding more into gear reviews, and weekly vlogs. I wish to build a community around the channel and share my journey of photography and film. I feel like things are just starting!

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