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Retouch & Chill Episode II

Really beginning to get the hang of these type of videos. They are really different from my usual tutorials, whereas these focus more on casual talking than teaching.

Now, this one, was pretty interesting. As you will hear me speak on, I went through 30min of recording, before realizing I was recording the wrong screen. Talk about a big oof. So I had to start over, for the sake of the video. Luckily the issues I had before I had already corrected, so it was pretty easy to get through them again.


The model of this video was Thaiara Keoninh (@artgaang), a old friend of mine who started her model career, here, in Charlotte, NC. We came across each other at a Fashion Show and the rest is history. Now she is a successful model with Wilhelmina NY's ( athletic division and has brands under her belt like Pelaton, Nike, and more. Needless to say, she makes me very proud.

I decided to do this photo simply because me and her have shot so much fire over the years, even something that was shot nearly 4 years ago is still top tier. Unfortunately, because it was so long ago, I have no clue, nor remember, why we decided to do this bare faced, but it worked out so well. I can even practice my digital MUA skills on these as well, which is an absolute, MAJOR, plus! The ability to turn old work into something new and no one can tell the difference, that's a beautiful thing to be able to do.


If you like what you saw, please check out my array of customizable services ranging from head shots to full branding productions. Here is just one of those amazing services.

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