Q: How long does it take to get my photos?

A: Generally, I give a 2 week turn-around time. This is incase anything goes wrong or there is a backlog.

Q: Do you do trade? If so what is your criteria?

A: On occasion, yes. There must me some sort of incentive or non-monetary gain large enough for me to do a trade.

Q: Our shoot was trade, how long will it be before I receive my photos?

A: All productions are done in chronological order unless a rush order has been placed. Keep in mind that commissioned always work takes priority.

Q: The link doesn't work, how do I get my photos/video?

A: The link does work, more than likely you waited to long and missed your download window

Q: How long is the initial download window?

A: 72 hours after the initial email/notification is sent

Q: I missed the window to download my images, how do I get them again?

A: The link can be resent, but since the media was removed from the sever to make space for other clientele, you will have to wait a certain amount of time (24hrs - 2w) until you can be place back in. The amount of those currently waiting on media can vary.

Q: How will I receive my photos/video?

A: Via cloud transfer, like dropbox or google drive, or direct download

Q: Can I receive my photos on a disc?

A: Yes, but you must provide the disc or thumb drive, or there is an extra cost

Q: I don't know what to wear for my photoshoot, what do I do?

A: I keep an array of clothing on set just incase something needs to be replaced, added in, or someone needs to be styled.

Q: Can I go live during our photoshoot?

A: Yes, that is up to you. Unless this is a production that must be kept secret, you may go live.

Q: Can I have my RAW images?

A: No, I do not release RAW images or media under any circumstance unless contracted to prior to production.

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